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Does Beef Jerky Go Bad?

Nothing,and I mean nothing, is more frustrating than opening up a bag of beef jerky and getting that whiff of.. spoiled jerky.​Don’t let that happen to you. I’ve been there. You don’t want bad jerky.Does beef jerky go bad? You bet it does.​ In this guide I answer the age old question, “Does beef jerky […]

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The Best Ground Beef Jerky Recipe & How to make it

What Is Ground Jerky?While traditional jerky is cut into strips and soaked in a marinade, ground jerky involves mixing the seasonings right into the ground meat before pressing into strips or sticks to dry. The meat can be pressed by hand, but most people prefer to use a jerky cannon to make uniform strips and […]

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6 Easy Steps to Using a Beef Jerky Dehydrator

I can remember the first time my Papaw showed me how to use a beef jerky dehydrator. At first I was overwhelmed until he broke it down into steps for me. These are those six simple steps to using a dehydrator for beef jerky.1. Choosing The Right Cut The quality and taste of your jerky […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Beef Jerky at Home

I grew up listening to my Papaw’s stories at our family butcher shop, and came to develop a great understanding and appreciation on different methods for preparing meat. This grew into my passion for making beef jerky at home.In this guide I am going to share everything I’ve learned over the years on how to make […]

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Best 5 Dehydrators for Making Jerky

Some of my best memories are from hanging out at my Papaw’s butcher shop and meat market. I remember there was this one customer that my Papaw kept giving huge slabs of flank steak to -and not taking any money.I was baffled. I think I was 12 at the time.I asked him, “Papaw, why do […]

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